Get Pumped with a Playlist

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The easiest thing to keep me motivated is to create run-specific playlists. I plug in my headphones as I’m heading out the door, activate MapMyRun, and hit the road.

Only have time for a twenty minute run? Here’s my current selection when I’m short on time:

  1. The Big Bang Theory Theme, Bare Naked Ladies (Song 1:45|Total time 1:45) Not my favorite show, but one of my favorite bands – and it really makes me put it all in perspective. Really, what are the odds that I exist? I should make the best of it and treat my body right so that I can enjoy life as long as possible. And live life as if there were laughtrack during every awkward silence.
  2. Applause, Lady Gaga (Song 3:32|Total time 5:17) Now here’s where my inner-diva shines. Applause is one giant reference hide-and-seek and each time I listen to it I find something new to contemplate. I think it’s Lady Gaga’s finest work so far, and I admire her power. This song pumps me up and releases the fitness monster inside of me.
  3. Get Lucky, Daft Punk (Song 4:09|Total time 9:26) Motivation can be found in the strangest places. Simply put, Daft Punk’s Get Lucky makes me feel sexy. All that blood pumping and such. Oh, don’t judge me – you feel it too.
  4. Can’t Hold Us, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis feat. Ray Dalton (Song 4:19|Total time 13:45) This song makes me feel like a queen. I’m on top of the world and nothing can hold me back. Helps me keep up the pace where I usually lag.
  5. 22, Taylor Swift (Song 3:52| 17:37) I can’t be ashamed of it, this song makes me feel young. At this point, I’m feeling good and this song enhances that feeling. It invigorates me and there is nothing wrong with that!
  6. Call me Maybe, Scott Bradlee & Postmodern Jukebox (Song 2:55|Total time 20:32) Gotta throw in the wild-card. The Carly Rae Jepsen version of this song is a guilty pleasure of mine, but I can’t stop listening to Scott Bradlee & his ragtime/vintage-styled tunes. This one brings it all home, and wraps up my workout.

Of course another great option is Podcasts. I enjoy listening to This American Life on my long Saturday run/walks. Fair warning though, when running to a podcast I can’t seem to keep pace. I think podcasts do better for me on a treadmill or in strength training.

What about you? What are your favorite running songs? Leave us a comment below.


WAKE UP! Ahabeshogonoto MAKE UP!

I’m not the earliest of risers, but I am never late. Unfortunately that gives me little time to enjoy the morning and get the most out of it. If I could just wake up an hour early I could have time to enjoy my coffee, eat a healthy breakfast, maybe even do a little yoga or take a short bike ride.

So my challenge for the week of July 8-14 is to be an early riser! Look at all the things I’ll have time to do!

  • Brew/Drink a cup of coffee
  • Eat a delicious breakfast of eggs and toast maybe. Or even make some “home-fries” potatoes (a recently perfected recipe, I might add! If you’re lucky, I might share it!)
  • Look my best. Usually I wake up with just enough time to throw on some clothes and head out the door.
  • Do some ten-minute yoga on Netflix with my new yoga mat! Maybe even light a candle and meditate/pray.
  • Read a chapter from my book! (This week I’m reading the first book in George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones series)
  • Do some reps on my hand weights.
  • Pack a lunch!
  • Read the news!
  • Blog!

These are things I try to find time to do during the day,  but don’t always squeeze it all in. If I wake up at 7 (which is when my alarm goes off anyway, by the way – I just press snooze!) and get the heck out of bed, I can accomplish these things.

Do I go to bed to late at night? Yes. Am I a grouch/lazy when I first wake up? You bet. Can I do it? Try and stop me.

I made a new ringtone for my alarm using System of a Down’s Chop Suey. If that won’t start my engines, I don’t know what will.

Join me for this week’s challenge! Wake up an hour earlier and see what you can accomplish! Let me know in the comments below!

Don’t fall off of the Band Wagon!

Okay, so you’ve been a good little fitness monster. You’ve tried to be active, you’re eating healthy foods, and you haven’t over-indulged on chocolate since 2009. Good for you! Now get off of the computer and go for another lap, asshole.

The rest of us search for motivation. We procrastinate. We make bargains with ourselves. We write blog posts instead of hopping on the bike.

It’s really mind over matter – and there is a lot of matter, don’t get me wrong. But do not underestimate the power of the human mind. We went to the moon on less technology that is in your smartphone. We can create cures and perform surgeries. We can fly long distances in airplanes made of 875,000 lbs of metal and glass. All of these things are really amazing – and they all exist because someone thought them up.

So think yourself thin. Make up your mind to be fit. Don’t make excuses for yourself. Own up to your own shortcomings and strive to make them disappear.

Let’s go for a swim, shall we?