Don’t fall off of the Band Wagon!

Okay, so you’ve been a good little fitness monster. You’ve tried to be active, you’re eating healthy foods, and you haven’t over-indulged on chocolate since 2009. Good for you! Now get off of the computer and go for another lap, asshole.

The rest of us search for motivation. We procrastinate. We make bargains with ourselves. We write blog posts instead of hopping on the bike.

It’s really mind over matter – and there is a lot of matter, don’t get me wrong. But do not underestimate the power of the human mind. We went to the moon on less technology that is in your smartphone. We can create cures and perform surgeries. We can fly long distances in airplanes made of 875,000 lbs of metal and glass. All of these things are really amazing – and they all exist because someone thought them up.

So think yourself thin. Make up your mind to be fit. Don’t make excuses for yourself. Own up to your own shortcomings and strive to make them disappear.

Let’s go for a swim, shall we?